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Vice Motherboard:
How a DIY Network Plans to Subvert Time Warner Cable’s NYC Internet Monopoly
January 25, 2016, by Jason Koebler

Toppling—or at least subverting—a telecom monopoly is the dream of many an American…The folks at NYC Mesh are actually doing something about it.

Downtown Express:
Hooking up Downtown with free, resilient Wi-Fi
January 12, 2016, by Yannic Rack

“They got me set up and it’s just been perfect”

Vice Motherboard Podcast:
The Community-Owned ISPs Building an Alternative to Big Telecom in New York City
January 8, 2016, by Jason Koebler

…currently working to set up two “super nodes” that are jacked into a large internet exchange will allow anyone in lower Manhattan and large swaths of Brooklyn to bypass traditional internet service providers.

New York Business Journal:
A three part series-
1 How mesh network technology could turn the Internet inside out
2 Advancing mesh networks in the East Village
3 Should ISP giants be worried about mesh networks?
Oct 5-7, 2015, by Michael del Castillo

A clear and explicit vision of using the technology to help wrest control away from some of the biggest Internet Service Providers in the world.

NYC Mesh works to replace Time Warner Cable one router at a time
Oct 4, 2015, by Chester Soria

It’s about to happen in a really big way.

East Village Grieve:
About community Wi-Fi in the East Village
Sept 29, 2015

NYC Mesh needs your help putting Time Warner Cable out of business
Aug 11, 2015, by Gregoire Molle

NYC Mesh is trying to get around the big ISPs — one node at a time.

An escape from the Internet Goliaths? NYC Mesh decentralizes the network
May 29, 2015, by Joe Mauceri

NYC Mesh says if their network is successful, one day we all might be able to say goodbye to our Internet Service Providers.

The Brooklyn Paper:
’Hoodlinked: Do-it-yourself Internet network reaches Ridge
May 29, 2015, by Max Jaeger

A group of techies aiming to build a citywide, community-owned wifi network is making inroads into Bay Ridge. Called NYC Mesh, the network links computers together using standard wifi routers…

Fast Company:
May 5, 2015, by Steven Melendez

NYC Mesh, hopes to eventually blanket the city in a mesh Wi-Fi network… The more routers that join the network and expand its coverage, the more useful it is…