Heat map

We have a few different types of install. At the moment we are mostly doing installs in downtown Manhattan that connect directly to the supernode- a “supernode client install”

1) Supernode client

You need to be within about two miles of the Wall St. area. We can usually tell by a panorama pic whether this install will work for you.

Equipment needed-

LiteBeamAC available from Amazon.com or B&H for about $70

Ethernet cable and antenna mast (supplied by install team) ~$20

Indoor router - ask us about this

Please look after the install team. We do not pay them and they might appreciate a tip or some food etc.

You may also optionally do a monthly donation

Other install types-

2) Building to building

This is usually a NanoStation M5 connected to a nearby established neighborhood network

3) Point to point

Email us directly for details on a point to point connection. This can be as fast as a gigabit, but requires dedicated hardware. We can also wire the entire building with ethernet to provide all residents with a connection.