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Join our community-owned network to replace your current internet connection.

Our network consists of Wi-Fi router "nodes" and "supernodes" spread throughout the city. The network connects directly to the internet backbone, so we do not rely on an ISP. All of our network nodes cooperate in the distribution of data, and the network can also function independently in case of emergencies or internet shutdown.

NYC Mesh is a neutral network that does not block or discriminate content. NYC Mesh does not collect, store, monitor, or log any user traffic or content that passes through our network.

If you're a network operator, please consider peering with our open network to provide bandwidth! (Our peering policy)

Our mission

We aim to create a free, resilient, stand-alone communication system that serves both for daily internet use and also for emergencies—be it power outages or internet disruption—running software that helps our community with hyperlocal maps and events.

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